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"The collaboration between AMOLF and LioniX is beneficial for both partners since it generates knowledge and PR for both"
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Within the Dutch SmartMiX Memphis project both Amolf and LioniX participate in the research on integrated optical waveguides. Besides the application driven research that LioniX is doing there is also always a need for more fundamental oriented research on the realized waveguide structures. Within this Memphis project Amolf is able to analyze the waveguide structures of partners with their near field microscope to get more insight in the fundamental behavior. This collaboration for instance resulted in a science publication in October 2009 based on measurements done on waveguide samples of LioniX.

LioniX is a leading provider in development and small to high volume production of leveraging and innovative products based on micro/nano system technology (MNT) and MEMS. Their core technologies are integrated optics, microfluidics and surface modification. Customers operate in telecom, industrial process control, life sciences and space markets and include OEM's, multinationals, VC start-up companies as well as research institutions from around the world. LioniX offers design for manufacturing and horizontal integration by partnering with MEMS/MST foundries and suppliers of complementary technologies, such as in (food) biotech/genomics, chemistry/pharma and water technology.

LioniX invests in a number of strategic areas, both in technology and in applications/markets by participation in national, EU and space programs. The combination of microfluidics and integrated optics gives LioniX an unrivalled expertise in the emerging area of Lab-on-a-Chip. LioniX provides MNT development and production services based on processes and equipment at the world-famous MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology. The MESAlab is a professionally managed clean room facility with a large variety of high tech fabrication equipment, while the faculties have their laboratories for functional device characterization (1100 square meters class 1000 - all working spots class 100 or better). In addition, LioniX has its own clean-room facilities with equipment for the proprietary technology and dedicated test/analysis equipment for integrated optics and microfluidic devices.

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