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AMOLF to pursue Designer Matter

FOM Institute AMOLF is launching a new line of research in designer matter, aimed at the design of new forms of functional matter.

Martin van Hecke starts new research group on ‘Mechanical Metamaterials’

As of September 1, Martin van Hecke starts a new research group on Mechanical Metamaterials.

Newest: Optics table transporting system
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A universal system designed by AMOLF to transport optics tables. The system consists out of 2 trolleys carrying and revolving a table at two ends. Threaded holes of a table are used to hold the table. The system fits through standard one door doorways. Capacity (max.) table thickness 60 cm, width 2 m, length 6 m, max weigth 1000 kg. Trolley dimensions; height 148 cm, width 60 cm, depth 90 cm. ( use at own risk ).

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