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With an electron beam a pattern is written in a photoresist layer. After exposure to this beam it is possible to selectively remove either exposed or non-exposed regions of the resist with chemical...

NUV optical lithography system with 365 nm exposure wavelength. Patern resolution of sub micron in contact mode.

By tightly focusing the light of an ultra-short pulsed laser, the intensity within the very focus is sufficiently high to expose the photoresist by two-photon absorption. This process causes a chem...

Spin coating is a procedure to apply a uniform thin photoresist film to flat substrates. Also other materials can be applied, for instance quantum dots. The Delta 80 is equipped with the GYRSE...

The system employs a magnetron target assembly, argon discharge plasma, giving a fine-grain, cool sputtering of thin metal films.

Ion beam etching

The Alpha-step is a mechanical, stylus-based step profiler that can measure step heights with sub-angstrom resolution.

Zeiss Axioskop2 mat optical microscope with epi illumination.