• Optical Tweezers
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Optical Tweezers

Instrument integrates multiple (time-shared) optical tweezers with DIC high-resolution optical microscopy. Includes microfluidic sample cell. Microscope stage position is controlled in a feedback loop with position detection of trapped bead to run experiments under constant force.


Measurement of pN forces


No documentation available online


E 0.18B


Main application: Measurement of pN forces

Leica Inverted Microscope, 100x Objective lens
Transmitted light for Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) imaging

Light sources:
Trapping laser

Spectra-physics Millennia IR
Diode-pumped solid state laser
1064 nm, 7 W continuous wave
2 mm beam diameter Linear polarization

Detection laser
JDS Uniphase 1137/P
Helium-neon laser
632 nm 10mW continuous wave
Linear polarization

Other equipment:
Flow sensor Seyonic (micro-nano L volumes)
Home-built flow-cell
Pro Sense syringe pump

PI P-730AC nm-precision Piezo-stage xy, with manual micrometer actuators

Quadrant photodiode with home-built electronics
Kappa CCD camera (analogue) with DVD recorder

2 Acousto optic deflectors