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  • Characterization of amorphous silicon
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R.A. Hakvoort, A. van Veen, H. Schut, M.J. van den Boogaard, A.J.M. Berntsen, S. Roorda, P.A. Stolk, A.H. Reader, Characterization of amorphous silicon, In:Slow Positron Beam Techniques for Solids and Surfaces : Fifth International Workshop, Jackson Hole, WY, August 1992 / E. Ottewitte,A.H. Weiss New York: American Institute of Physics, 1994. - pp.48-52
(AIP Conference Proceedings; 303)

S-parameter positron beam measurements have been done on several kinds of a-Si: Kr-sputtered a-Si, PECVD a-Si, MeV ion beam amorphized Si and a-Si grown in an MBE-system at a low deposition temperature. Kr sputtered a-Si becomes denser for higher Kr concentration. PECVD a-Si:H contains micro-cavities with a size depending on growth temperature. MeV ion beam amorphized Si contains 1.2 at.% small vacancies, which decreases upon annealing (relaxation) to 0.4 at.%. This effect can be mimicked by H-implantation and subsequent annealing, showing that at least some of the dangling bonds in a-Si are located at these vacancy-type defects. Finally positron measurements show that MBE-system grown a-Si contains large open-volume defects. The positron annihilation data are supplemented by data from some other techniques.


E. Ottewitte,A.H. Weiss


AIP Conference Proceedings


American Institute of Physics


New York

Published in

Jan 1st 1994



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